A European in love with Nepal has renounced wealth and materialism

Niranjan Sapkota

Portugal, 5 Jan – In a crowded and luminescent European city, a young Portuguese loves Nepal from the core of his heart.


George Kardoso, 40, cuts a happy figure. Coming from an affluent family, his father is the Army General in Portugal his mother is a former teacher. Sophiya, his sister, is a nurse. Kardoso’s family lives in a big mansion in Povoa.

But Kardoso has nothing to do with the immense wealth. He has renounced wealth and materialism and wanders around as a Yogi. Rudraksha beads adorn his neck. He resides in a hut at Peneda Mountain. Yoga and meditation are his daily activities.

A person with decent job in the past, Kardoso’s life took a turn after he watched Hollywood movie “Seven Years in Tibet”.

Influenced by the film’s story that shows Tibetan lifestyle, Kardoso is in search of peace and love. He wants to distribute love and peace to all. “The Creator has sent men to the earth for love and affection. You can buy everything in Europe but the Europeans are searching for love,” he says.

Kardoso is in love with Nepali product. The Rudraksha beads adorning his hand come from Nepal. Even the incense that he loves to burn is Nepal-made.

“Incense found in Nepal is unique. It is pure.”

He has put the Buddha’s idol in his van.

Kardoso is different from other Europeans in the sense that he doesn’t like cutthroat competition. That is why he loves to be in deep meditation in a secluded place.

He has not visited Nepal as yet but has a strong desire to travel to Bhutan and Nepal. But the catch is that he hates air travel.

He believes that Nepal is a perfect destination for yoga and meditation but also feels that travelling the globe for meditation is unnecessary.

Anyone can sit in meditation anywhere, he argues. He is not guided by any ideology or theory.

Everyone can approach his hut and sit in meditation there. He teaches others whatever he has learnt so far but hates to be called a guru.

A strict vegetarian, Kardoso tells others about evil effects of meat consumption.

He dreams that all Portuguese will experience the bliss of yoga and meditation and share love and peace with the world.

No one can forget Kardoso after meeting with him because he is a humble and supportive person. His devotion to yoga and meditation gave him humility and Samaritan feeling.

He says that he meditates even while driving.

Kardoso abhors both domestic and world politics. He believes that the world has no faith in woman, which is unfortunate.


A business studies graduate, this European Yogi accepts voluntary donations but never asks anything from anyone.

He is unhappy that people do not want to experience the bliss of yoga and meditation even if he is willing to teach them for free.

This modern yogi says that he does not belong to any religion. He has faith in nature and enjoys its proximity.

He loves sea voyage. “Meditation at sea is the best.”

Whenever he gets money, Kardoso reaches Nepali goods shops. He knows all Nepali goods shops by heart.

Especially, he loves to buy Nepali incense, Tibetan bowl and Buddhist prayer flag. His acolytes follow his advice in using Nepali goods.

Kardoso was in love with Helena for eight years. They got separated after two years of negotiation. He explains, “I was not in search of such love.”

His ex-girlfriend Helena says that she is still in love with George. “But our ways are separate. He is treading a wide road. He is a good man but could not be my lover.”


Kardoso is soon embarking on European tour to spread the message of yoga and meditation.

He wants to meet the Dalai Lama.

Kardoso greets everyone with a “Namaste”.

He has a desire to father a child but does not want to live a life with anyone with pretensions.