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Art exhibition on Nepal’s birds underway

Kathmandu, 4 Jan – The ‘Bird of Nepal : The Art of Hira Lal Dangol and His Family Legacy’, a ten-day exhibition on the species of birds found in Nepal kicked off on Tuesday at the Nepal Art Council.

Nepal Art Council Chair and Century Man, Satya Mohan Joshi, inaugurated the exhibition of the paintings.

On the occasion, Sri Lankan Ambassador to Nepal, WS Perera, shared that the art is a means that gives inner satisfaction to human beings.

She added that Sri Lanka and Nepal – after the establishment of bilateral relations in 1957 – have been exchanging their arts. She said Nepal, a birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, remains a holy land for the Sri Lankan people and that two countries have come closure due to the birds and nature.

The ten-day long exhibition organized by Dongols Bird Art Gallery will showcase Dongol’s more than a hundred paintings on birds. The paintings with costs ranging from 35,000 to Rs 350,000 are on display. Nepal is currently home to 886 different species of birds.