Lawyer in hunger strike complaining SC’s negligence about his writ

Kathmandu, 23 June – Lawyer Purna Chandra Paudel has sat in a hunger strike at Nepal Bar Association premises from 22 June demanding the Supreme Court to hear his writ petition.

Paudel had filed a writ at the Apex Court against the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers for appointing justices on Judicial Council’s recommendations at a time when there is a vacancy of two members in the Council itself.

“Recommendations have been made in violation of rules and procedures. How can the council’s recommendations be called impartial when the body itself is incomplete?” Paudel said.

He said that he filed the writ opposing such illegal move and demanding the revocation of appointments.

“But hearings on my writ have been cancelled for 15 times with ulterior motives even if it was put in the hearing list. Is this the spirit of independent judiciary?” Paudel said.

He said that the parliament cannot conduct hearings on cases sub judice in the court, as per Article 105 of the Constitution. “In this context, parliamentary hearing on recommended justices cannot be done.”

Paudel said that he will continue his strike until his case is heard.